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The Old Akron Post Office—Legacy I
The Old Akron Post Office, a 60,000 square foot facility of the Neo-Classical Federal Style, was constructed in 1929 and served as post office for many years. Over time, as the City on the Summit grew, demands on the postal service expanded. Community needs placed a demand on the Post Office to relocate their headquarters and abandon this beautifully detailed and stately structure. It served, for a time, as headquarters to a local graphic design/print shop. Modifications necessitated by the organization’s functions, altered some of the historic fabric of this structure.

Now with the commitment of the Legacy Group this graceful landmark is preserved for future generations. Listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks, its preservation is ensured for generations to come. As part of this adaptive reuse project, the Legacy Group will ensure the restoration of the historic aspects of the project and create covenants to ensure care and maintenance.

Akron and the region are benefited by a facility that:

  • Speaks for its History
  • Articulates Responsible use of Resources
  • Gives an Impetus to the Rebirth of its business district